This Old House

This page is dedicated to the history of the house that we call Kupros. If you have a memory, story or experience here & would like to share it please fill out form below.

100+ years of history.

Originally built in 1910, this building a has seen a lot come and go. It was once formerly known as the vintage/costume shop, ‘Cheap Thrills’, which operated from 1969-2002.

formerly Cheap Thrills

The building was purchased in 2002 by CEO Stephen Tokuhama. Over the next 8 years Steve dedicated himself to preserving the unique charm of the Midtown Sacramento area.

before demo
Kupros front
Kupros front

Kupros Bistro finally became a reality in 2010, which coincidentally coincided with the 100th birthday of this unique structure.

In 2013, Steve decided to make the bold move to rebrand Kupros Bistro into the now popular neighborhood destination that is now Kupros Craft House.Today, features such as the stained glass upon entering and the wooden bar give the feeling that can only be described as your “home away from home.”

Longtime “Fashion” Landmark

Prior to becoming Kupros, this building housed the much loved Sacramento vintage/costume shop, Cheap Thrills, which provided a wide variety of unique clothing from 1969 until 2002 when they moved just a few blocks away to 17th & L St.

Cheap Thrills owner Mike Ferrel on KCRA 3, 2009

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